[tech] Announcing go-gemini v0.1.15

Adnan Maolood me at adnano.co
Wed Feb 24 17:19:56 GMT 2021

Version 0.1.15 of the go-gemini library has been released.


go-gemini is an implementation of the Gemini protocol in Go. It aims to
make it easy to develop Gemini clients and servers, and to provide an
API similar to Go's net/http library. It also improves on the API of
Go's net/http library to resolve issues that they cannot due to
backwards compatiblity, so arguably developing with go-gemini is now
better (in some ways) than developing with net/http. :D

On the client side, it features support for trust on first use, loading
and saving known hosts, proxying requests to other hosts, and IDNs.
On the server side, it features support for automatic certificate
creation, rotating expired certificates, handling non-gemini schemes,
and streaming responses.

At this point, the API of go-gemini is relatively stable and should not
be subject to constant change as was the case earlier on in development.
I eventually plan on releasing v0.2.0, which should have a better
guarantee of stability. In the longer term, I plan on releasing v1.0.0
when the Gemini specification is finalized and published as a standard.


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