[SPEC] Backwards-compatible metadata in Gemini

peteyboy at sdf.org peteyboy at sdf.org
Wed Feb 24 21:31:56 GMT 2021

Hah, we need like a "why doesn't Gemini * FAQ" and a "why doesn't gemtext include * FAQ"

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>Subject: Re: [SPEC] Backwards-compatible metadata in Gemini
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>nothien at uber.space writes:
>> I'm just going to quickly address everything about the metadata ideas
>> / proposals:
>>     They're not necessary.
>Hear, hear.
>> # Conclusion
>> Please stop.
>Agreed. Or, at the very least, read every last metadata discussion in
>the list archive, and understand why those discussions ended in the
>proposed convention not being adopted *before* posting yet another
>proposed convention.

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