[SPEC] Backwards-compatible metadata in Gemini

Martin devel at datenbrei.de
Thu Feb 25 13:09:50 GMT 2021

> Omar Polo <op at omarpolo.com> hat am 25.02.2021 10:16 geschrieben:
> An user on a non-sophisticate client cannot (easily) understand
>     that.   It's just full of bloat.

Metadata is intentionally meta, means it is data about data. If we make it part of the visible page it would loose it's meta-character. It's just data then, as I think.

Google does not take the tag metadata into account anymore, because it had been abused so much to get a higher ranking, by for example adding much and any keyword to it so that it would appear in more contexts. So if Google dropped this, why should we make use of it? It would develop into the same problem again.

On the other hand there is some meta data what makes really sense, like the date of last change of a file or such. No search engine could ever give good results, if it can't differentiate a 10 years old page with outdated content from a new one. We should think about those kind of things and imagine a wider spread of Gemini, as it is now. 


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