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Fri Feb 26 13:17:23 GMT 2021

Petite Abeille <petite.abeille at> wrote:
> Even though I personally prefer using the existing capabilities of the
> link construct, which is the only structured artifact in text/gemini,
> e.g.:
> => rel=license Licensed under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication 
> => gemini:// rel=author Authored by The One & Only Solderpunk
> =>,2020-05-26:/dns/ Created on May 26th 2020

The primary issue with this is that you're relying on English words
('LICENSE', 'AUTHOR', 'DATE'), which isn't sustainable or accessible.
The same holds for the rel= type tagging.  In addition, it is
extensible, which (as I've detailed) is not necessary and is against the
spirit of Gemini.

Typing out these links is also going to be time-consuming, which is
irritating when you're in the middle of writing a post.  It's like we're
adding boilerplate text; we want to make it as small and unnoticeable as
possible, which is contradictory to using links.

Finally, (and this is a personal opinion), I don't like
non-network-related schemes (except for mailto).  I also think that a
lot of the information is repetitive.

However, I think that using a URL for licenses isn't a bad idea, because
it removes dependency upon SPDX license identifiers, which are
English-oriented.  At the same time, I don't know of any licenses which
are written in other languages (please correct me if I'm wrong), which
means that anybody licensing their work is using a license written in
English, and so they may as well use the SPDX license identifier.

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