[Clients] Gemini and accessibility regarding preformatted code blocks

Baschdel baschdel at disroot.org
Sun Feb 28 11:35:37 GMT 2021

On 28.02.21 05:13, Devin Prater wrote:
> Okay, a note on Dragonstone: the text is readable, but seems to be plain
> text, so tabbing to what I assume should be links on the "test" page
> didn't work. Although, I guess that's all I'd really need to know about
> are the links, but if the output could be "webified" by an engine that
> Orca knows about, like geko or something to GTK, that'd be all the
> better. The only other issue I found while doing a quick run is that the
> "settings" button is unlabeled.

Apologies for not making it clear that Dragonstone is in it's current 
state a horrible mess that only really works when you are a well sighted 
mouse or touchscreen user (That doesn't even include myself a lot of the 
time), which is the reason I'm giving it a rewrite (because one year 
younger me made terrible design decisions)

The settings button unfortunately has never been more than a placeholder 
and is always insensitive (it's a kind of reminder for myself, gui 
settings will come, promised)

On the popup window: I'll definitely make that one an option in the new 

On the links: Can you give Castor a try and tell us how the buttons for 
links approach works? (I REALLY want to avoid having to include half a 
(I had that one in the older versions of dragonstone, but I realized 
that inserting widgets into text buffers isn't exactly performance 
friendly. If that works I'll make it an option in the current version, 
although I'd have to limit it to a about a thousand links per page (I 
have to add a configuration option anyway, so this will be configurable) 
to avoid sites being able to freeze the ui)

I'll announce the rewrite when it is in a presentable state, but please 
don't expect anything before September. (School is keeping me busy)
Thanks you for trying it out anyways and giving feedback! 😃

- Baschdel

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