[announce] Delegation of responsibility for spec finalisation

Solderpunk solderpunk at posteo.net
Sun Feb 28 12:02:39 GMT 2021

Howdy Geminauts,

The first quarter of 2021 is passing by rapidly, with less progress on
finalising the few outstanding spec questions before the process of
translating the specification to a more precise and formal format
suitable for standardisation than I had hoped for.

It has become clear to me that for a variety of reasons I am no longer
able to effectively lead this process myself.  Therefore, effective as
of the sending of this email, I am delegating decision-making authority
for finalising the spec to Sean Conner <sean at conman.org>.

There is no change in my long-standing overall stance that Gemini
requires no new features and that remaining work on the specification
should be directed only toward addressing edge cases, removing
ambiguities and increasing overall consistency.  Several issues of this
type have been in discussion on the mailing list for some time now, and
I am empowering Sean to resolve those issues, not to add new features or
make other major changes.  I reserve the right to veto Sean's decisions,
but I don't expect to need to.

Sean is a natural choice for me to delegate this task to.  He has been
involved in the development of the Gemini specification for longer than
anybody other than myself - he was the first person to actually
implement the protocol in software, transforming it from the largely
academic thought experiment that I had created it as into an actual real
world project.  He is the developer of a Gemini server (GLV-1.12556) and
the admin of a server running it (gemini://gemini.conman.org), which
means the details of the specification are of direct and practical
relevance to him.  He has a long-standing presence in Gopherspace, where
the Gemini project was born, and therefore understands and appreciates
the value of simple-by-design systems with limited scope.  Finally, he
has an excellent track record of constructively engaging with the
mailing list even at its busiest and most frantic, which certainly can
no longer be said for me.  For all these reasons I trust him to make
good decisions on the basis of careful consideration.

I am hopeful that this change will bring us more quickly to a point
where there is no more need for decision making and just the slow, quiet
work of formalisation.  I still hope to be actively involved in that
process myself.


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