[Clients] Gemini and accessibility regarding preformatted code blocks

Devin Prater r.d.t.prater at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 15:01:22 GMT 2021

Caster, amusingly, hast the opposite problem. I can tab to links, but
can't read text with the arrow keys.Using Orca's Flat Review, which just
looks at all objects on the currently visible screen (all objects it can
find, that is), I can read the text, but can't tell with that if
something is a heading, a link, and can't scroll either. I'll keep going
down the list of browsers on

=> gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/software/

Although I'm skipping terminal browsers for now, as Elpher works fine in

On 2/28/21 5:35 AM, Baschdel wrote:
> On 28.02.21 05:13, Devin Prater wrote:
>> Okay, a note on Dragonstone: the text is readable, but seems to be plain
>> text, so tabbing to what I assume should be links on the "test" page
>> didn't work. Although, I guess that's all I'd really need to know about
>> are the links, but if the output could be "webified" by an engine that
>> Orca knows about, like geko or something to GTK, that'd be all the
>> better. The only other issue I found while doing a quick run is that the
>> "settings" button is unlabeled.
> Apologies for not making it clear that Dragonstone is in it's current
> state a horrible mess that only really works when you are a well
> sighted mouse or touchscreen user (That doesn't even include myself a
> lot of the time), which is the reason I'm giving it a rewrite (because
> one year younger me made terrible design decisions)
> The settings button unfortunately has never been more than a
> placeholder and is always insensitive (it's a kind of reminder for
> myself, gui settings will come, promised)
> On the popup window: I'll definitely make that one an option in the
> new version.
> On the links: Can you give Castor a try and tell us how the buttons
> for links approach works? (I REALLY want to avoid having to include
> half a webbrowser)
> (I had that one in the older versions of dragonstone, but I realized
> that inserting widgets into text buffers isn't exactly performance
> friendly. If that works I'll make it an option in the current version,
> although I'd have to limit it to a about a thousand links per page (I
> have to add a configuration option anyway, so this will be
> configurable) to avoid sites being able to freeze the ui)
> I'll announce the rewrite when it is in a presentable state, but
> please don't expect anything before September. (School is keeping me
> busy)
> Thanks you for trying it out anyways and giving feedback! 😃
> - Baschdel

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