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On 2021-02-28 10:57PM, Oliver Simmons wrote:
> Gemtext is designed so it can be read line-by-line, top-to-bottom and
> be completely understood.
> I like the ordering of content type first and alt text last
So the sighted people with fancy syntax highlighting get to trivially
read it line-by-line, but the people writing accessible software have to
1) seek forward to find the end of the preformatted text block; 2) read
the alt text; then, if the user wants to display the preformatted block
3) jump backwards to the beginning of the preformatted text block and
read it; then 4) skip past the last line of the preformatted text block
so it isn't read again; then 5) continue parsing.

I think syntax highlighting deserves an easier implementation than
accessibility too, so I'm fine with this situation, I'm glad someone
else finally agrees with me on this.

I mean seriously, I like syntax highlighting as much as anyone but
advanced syntax highlighting has to be context-sensitive and possibly
requires looking back in the code block anyways, so might as well put it
at the end, if you have it at all.  But let's just look at the concept
at all for a second: if you really have such a massive block of code
that you need syntax highlighting, just put it in its own file and let
either the browser color it via MIME type or the user can just open it
in their editor.  If your short snippet of code can't be understood
without syntax highlighting then it's probably a problem with your code
rather than the presentation...


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