Alt text and media types for preformatted text

Alexis flexibeast at
Mon Mar 1 04:38:31 GMT 2021

Alex // nytpu <alex at> writes:

> I mean seriously, I like syntax highlighting as much as anyone 
> but
> advanced syntax highlighting has to be context-sensitive and 
> possibly
> requires looking back in the code block anyways, so might as 
> well put it
> at the end, if you have it at all.  But let's just look at the 
> concept
> at all for a second: if you really have such a massive block of 
> code
> that you need syntax highlighting, just put it in its own file 
> and let
> either the browser color it via MIME type or the user can just 
> open it
> in their editor.  If your short snippet of code can't be 
> understood
> without syntax highlighting then it's probably a problem with 
> your code
> rather than the presentation...

Agreed, as someone who isn't vision-impaired, who likes syntax 
highlighting, and who has implemented an Emacs mode that does such 

i feel it's important that accessibility for the vision-impaired 
be easier to support in clients than syntax highlighting. More 
generally, my preference is for gemtext documents to be reasonably 
accessible by default, rather than requiring special efforts to be 
made accessible (as on the Web, where accessibility often plays 
second fiddle to resource-gobbling bling).


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