Alt text and media types for preformatted text

Devin Prater r.d.t.prater at
Mon Mar 1 14:57:34 GMT 2021

On 3/1/21 3:10 AM, Caolan McMahon wrote:
> You might prefer to use the more ambiguous optional alt text and ask the user how to present the data each time. I have no idea if that is correct, someone who relies on a screen reader will have to enlighten me. But don't assume my motives. So far as I can tell, our priorities are the same.

If I had to answer yes/no (or please y/n in Terminal browsers) if I want
to see code blocks every time, that'd quickly get annoying. I'd rather
just hide them all, Alt-text or not, and expand them with a key press
when I reach one I want to read. This key press would expand the
currently focused block, not all of them, of course.

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