[tech] gemnet a gemlog YYYY-MM-DD based usenet-like network

Vasco Costa vasco.costa at gmx.com
Mon Mar 1 17:20:17 GMT 2021

First of all my apologies if this has already been discussed before.

After a long time consuming gemlogs by subscribing to gemini pages that
comply with the widely adopted subscription convention described here:


I can't help but notice that at their core, email and usenet show a
similar pattern to index.gmi files inside gemlog folders when presenting
an index of messages to the user, perhaps with the exception that they
also show a from address, in addition to a date and a subject.

Does anyone think it would be useful to have a gemnet folder inside our
capsules, in a similar fashion to gemlog, using the same subscription
convention as mentioned above, but perhaps adding a "from" field like


#gluon's gemnet

=> hello_gemnet!.gmi 2021-03-01 - Hello gemnet! - gluon
=> another_message.gmi 2021-03-02 - Another message - gluon
=> one_more_message.gmi 2021-03-03 - One more message - gluon
=> re:and_now_a_reply.gmi 2021-03-03 - Re: And now a reply - gluon
=> re:and_now_a_reply_2.gmi 2021-03-03 - Re: And now a reply - gluon
=> re:and_now_a_reply_3.gmi 2021-03-03 - Re: And now a reply - gluon

That renders as usual:

#gluon's gemnet

2021-03-01 - Hello gemnet! - gluon
2021-03-02 - Another message - gluon
2021-03-03 - One more message - gluon
2021-03-03 - Re: And now a reply - gluon
2021-03-03 - Re: And now a reply - gluon
2021-03-03 - Re: And now a reply - gluon

This looks like a very simple way to post messages and replies in a
"semi-distrubuted" way, making use of Gemini as the underlying transport
mechanism. Distributed in the sense that messages would live only within
the server of each author.

Then, anyone interested in the messages of a particular author would
make use of clients that allow YYYY-MM-DD subscriptions or run local
aggregators with such feeds to be able to see the messages. Posting
messages or replies would be elegantly the same as posting a gemlog
entry, using whatever mechanism you already use for that. That said,
specialised clients could also easily be developed to make use of this
convention and allow an interface more similar to an email/usenet
client if desired.

One further convenience of this "network architecture" is that SPAM is
easily avoided, since that by design, you need to opt-in to any person's
feed and you won't see the messages of anyone you haven't subscribed to.
Think of a killfile from usenet but in reverse.

I mentioned a separate folder called gemnet, but in reality gemlogs are
so generic that we could use them as they are. After all, any gemlog
post could be a message itself. Using the current gemlog folders would
even make it very easy to reply to gemlog posts, something many people
often feel the need to. However, maybe this approach would create too
much SPAM, so I think having a separate gemnet folder is more

I guess that's it. Once again sorry if this makes no sense at all, or
has already been discussed. On the other hand, if you resonate with the
concept, I'm willing to create my own gemnet and subscribe to anyone who
does the same. We could experiment communicating using Gemini this way.

Vasco Costa

AKA gluon. Enthusiastic about computers, motorsports, science,
technology, travelling and TV series. Yes I'm a bit of a geek.

Gemini: gemini://gluonspace.com/

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