[tech] gemnet a gemlog YYYY-MM-DD based usenet-like network

Vasco Costa vasco.costa at gmx.com
Mon Mar 1 20:30:29 GMT 2021

On Mon, Mar 01, 2021 at 09:12:10PM +0100, Côme Chilliet wrote:
> I wrote GAMS specification which is a bit close to your idea, but with boards to hold threads on specific subjects.
> See gemini://gemlog.lanterne.chilliet.eu/2021-01-07%20[gams-en]GAMS-board-system.en.gmi
> It did not get much traction though and there is no active board for now.
> I do hope to start a french one at some point, but I need to find motivated gemlog authors.

Thanks for sharing. The concept seems quite similar indeed. Maybe the
idea of exchanging messages isn't something that necessarily appeals
Gemini users, who maybe see email as good enough for that.

Regardless of that, I find all these simple conventions so elegant and
generic enough that I can think of all sorts of systems based on them.
I'll read more about GAMS.

Vasco Costa

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