[announce] Delegation of responsibility for spec finalisation

Sean Conner sean at conman.org
Mon Mar 1 21:10:47 GMT 2021

It was thus said that the Great Stephane Bortzmeyer once stated:
> On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 09:48:38PM -0500,
>  Sean Conner <sean at conman.org> wrote 
>  a message of 79 lines which said:
> > I set up two repositories there:
> > 
> > 	https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification/protocol
> > 	https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification/gemini-text
> Great. Can we assume that, when an issue will be closed, the text of
> the specification in
> <https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification/protocol/-/blob/master/specification.gmi>
> will be changed too so we can be sure that
> <https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification/protocol/-/blob/master/specification.gmi>
> is really the current state of the work?

  That is the intent yes.  For both the protocol and Gemini text


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