[user] Putting my blog on gemini, question about subdomains

Snowy snowy at snowymouse.com
Tue Mar 2 17:52:22 GMT 2021

Mar 2, 2021, 10:59 by luke at marmaladefoo.com:

> Ha ha - be careful with remarks like that equating HTTP and gemini - these sort of statements can be considered as blasphemy round these here parts! :)
Goodness, well, yes, I meant just the blog (the posts), not the protocols!

Of course, for some posts, I may need to change things like links, lists, tables, and other things for the gemini version in order to convey the same information effectively. And there is styling on the HTTP/HTML site where no such styling is necessary (or possible) on gemini/gemtext. This requires a little bit of extra care sometimes, but since most of my content is just headings and text, anyway, it's rarely a problem.

That said, I do use a HTTPS server (with IP filtering) to modify/submit articles to the blog, particularly a PHP tool called Adminer. I, of course, don't really see myself comfortably making entire posts in under 1024 characters using only one line (though I'm sure writing an editor that has you submit multiple lines wouldn't be impossible, if convoluted).

> Just host them however it makes sense to you. Sometimes it makes sense to use a different sub domain if it is different content - more easily moved around perhaps. But if it is all coming out of the same database, that seems less of an issue.
As far as websites go, when I think of switching between two different protcols (for example, HTTP and HTTPS but not necessarily HTTP and SCP), my thought process was receiving the same content but in a different way, which is sort of what I was going for here.

Anyway, I'll keep using this! Thank you!

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