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metalune metalune at
Wed Mar 3 19:30:43 GMT 2021

On Wed Mar 3, 2021 at 12:21 AM CET, Jon wrote:
> On 02/03/21 12:19, Peter Vernigorov wrote:
> > I imagine other publications have something similar
> The Guardian are a lot more cool with it. To get an API key on their
> open platform, you need to jump through some hoops and get approval. But
> in principal they're not against having their content redistributed.

We, as a project (Simple Web) try to avoid using official APIs,
especially if they require API keys and such because we want our
software to be able to be run by everyone without requiring an API key
or developer account or such. SimplyNews is not just a gemini service,
but also available as a web service and (in the works) a desktop
application. This is why it would be unsuitable to use API keys.

> gemini://

I really like that, especially because it allows you to choose the RSS
feed you want to look at (we have something like this planned, and we
call it "sections" but it's far from being implemented due to lack of

> By the way, I really like Simple News. Great work.

Thanks :)

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