Updated recommendations regarding TOFU & TLS

Ben benulo at systemli.org
Thu Mar 4 17:25:21 GMT 2021

On 3/4/21 8:46 PM, Bradley D. Thornton wrote:
> Um... no offense intended, but if you're not on the list, then why are
> you posting to the list?
> Honest question.

It looks like you only wrote to the list, so I'm assuming he won't get 
your reply. Although I have to say that I shared your sentiment, that it 
seems a little unfair someone wants to not be part of the group but tell 
the group things. (ie, "you listen to me, I don't listen to you") That 
being said, it's just one of many e-mails on the list, so we can 
overlook it. The information might be useful to someone.



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