Updated recommendations regarding TOFU & TLS

Drew DeVault sir at cmpwn.com
Thu Mar 4 22:04:10 GMT 2021

> I'm sure I don't know what you mean by, "you two". I am but a single,
> individual person. Perhaps that was a typo, I'm not sure, but you're
> indeed conversing with a single person on my end.

Mailing lists are a multiplayer venue. This thread has two people,
yourself one of them, who have expressed that Let's Encrypt is easy.
You are not the person who said it was "easier" (emphasis on the "er"),
and the person I directly replied to in the thread with my comments was
someone who did. I suggest you review the archives if you're not
receiving all of the emails in the thread.

> Okay, Point of correction here. Drew, I know you to be an otherwise
> upstanding person who prides himself in his capacity to provide service
> to the community for a greater good.
> But I stated what I stated, and that is not what I stated. Please do not
> put words in my mouth - especially since I never said, *easier*.
> I never implied that it was not also easy to use self-signed certs (and
> most servers I'm aware of will perform this automatically if you don't
> provide a certificate yourself).
> What I said is that it is easy (rather, Easy Peasy, I think) to use
> LetsEncrypt to handle all of that automatically.
> Trying to imply that I said something I NEVER said, which implies that I
> meant something else, is beneath you. Please refrain from such behavior
> in the future where it concerns me - a single, individual person.
> I'm not angry with you, I'll just chalk this up to you losing context
> because you are  as passionate about Gemini space as many of us others
> are that have been involved with the project since the very beginning. I
> don't recall seeing any participation from you prior to about six months
> ago. Again, that's okay, and I think your intentions are grand - don't
> put words in my mouth though.

It's evident that you only have half of the conversation, which is not
my fault. I will note that you still refuse the basic courtesy of
Cc'ing me on your replies. Not sure what moral high ground you seem to
perceive yourself as coming from here.

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