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Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
Thu Mar 4 22:13:07 GMT 2021

On 3/4/2021 1:51 PM, Ben wrote:

> As an additional matter to consider, in case some members of the mailing
> list are not aware (although most probably are), Petite Abeille is not a
> person's name, but it means "little bee" in French. I got the impression
> this name was chosen deliberately for trolling, to be anonymous and
> convey the message that this is a disruptive creature buzzing around and
> poking us with its stinger.

Wow, Three years of French at UCSD and I didn't make that connection. I
filtered that user a long time ago when it became apparent that I didn't
find anything  constructive coming from the account, for me personally.
I typically do that with serial Top-Posters too, I find that even more
annoying and detest having to continually scroll up/down/up/down just to
figure out what's being conveyed.

> Also, some people might not be aware, but this mailing list was not
> supposed to allow Gmail addresses, but a special exception was made for
> people interested in Gemini to be allowed to use it. It was thought this
> is for the benefit of the community. However, perhaps we've also
> unwittingly opened up the list to abuse by throw-away e-mail accounts?

I didn't realize that DEAs were permitted now. I still block them from
purchasing many services from me - Google is the great facilitator of
legitimized Spam.

Sean's deployment of tracking issues via Gitlab was a great idea to
avoid noise while working, and effectively creates a WG (working group)
that can focus on the matters at hand.

Personally, I would have probably chosen tildegit, since many of the
major contributors are homed in that community, or perhaps Codeberg, or
even sr.ht (Yeah pls don't flame me for that - it's a good service), but
Gitlab works and isn't GitHub so that's good.

Thanks for that info Ben.

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