Updated recommendations regarding TOFU & TLS

Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
Thu Mar 4 22:52:05 GMT 2021

On 3/4/2021 2:04 PM, Drew DeVault wrote:

> Mailing lists are a multiplayer venue. This thread has two people,
> yourself one of them, who have expressed that Let's Encrypt is easy.
> You are not the person who said it was "easier" (emphasis on the "er"),
> and the person I directly replied to in the thread with my comments was
> someone who did. I suggest you review the archives if you're not
> receiving all of the emails in the thread.

That was a fair enough request. Yes, the party to which you refer is an
account that I filtered to /dev/null a long time ago. My bad. It
appeared as if you were referring to me.

You'll note I also cc'd you on this. It's my practice to set my MUAs to
only "reply list", since that's where I'm conversing. I can't promise
anything in the future, but I'll try, and a friendly reminder with each
of your posts will help :)

On another note, I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to
ensure that your webproxy agent stays off my lawn at *.vger.cloud. I
have no qualms about other types of agents, I just personally believe
that people should use native Gemini and Gopher protocol clients (which
includes browser plugins such as dillo-gemini, qute-gemini, OverbiteNX,
and SSH kiosks) to browse Gemini and Gopher space.

My reasons are my own, and I do not purport to speak on behalf of anyone
else who manages Gemini services.

Kindest regards,

Bradley D. Thornton
Manager Network Services
TEL: +1.310.421.8268

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