Enhancing TOFU

Petite Abeille petite.abeille at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 12:48:36 GMT 2021


> On Mar 5, 2021, at 13:33, nothien at uber.space wrote:
> => gemini://random-projects.net/blog/2021-03-03-distributed-trust.gemini
> => gemini://gemini.ctrl-c.club/~aravk/blog/2021-03-04-distributed-trust.gmi

Thank you for sharing. Appreciating the engagement.

Not sure how to put it "constructively", but this looks... unfinished.

But ok, let's suspend disbelieve for a second, and assume you have solved the decentralized trust conundrum on your own — minus blocks, minus chains, plus something. 

First off, congrats! :)

This is a major achievement - a breakthrough in computer science, as understood by the  security community at large.

Question: are you going to publish a proper white paper on it — and have it peer reviewed?

By "peer", I don't means some pesky insects on some god forsaken corner of the interweb. More like proper scrutiny. Probing. By actual security experts.

Sorry to rain on your parade, but truly, I cannot muster anything supportive to say at all. Apologies. Nothing personal.

Meanwhile, perhaps I could interest you in keybase:


Specifically, their take on identity proofs.

Perhaps of interest.


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