[ANN] Release 1.0 of MastoGem

Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
Fri Mar 5 17:43:19 GMT 2021

On 3/5/2021 2:00 AM, Romain de Laage wrote:
> Hi geminauts,
> Today i would like to announce the first true release of MastoGem.
> As I announced before you can view the last toots from a Mastodon
> profile, but you can also search for a tag, view a thread and view the
> mentions and the tag of a toot.
> I have made a docker image to make the deployment easier and if you want
> help to deploy your own instance of MastoGem I can help you.
> The software works fine and respect Gemini specs (I hope).
> All the information about MastoGem is now here :
> gemini://rdelaage.ovh/mastogem/
> Romain.

So.... This only works with Mastodon, and Not ActivityPub servers in the
Fediverse such as Pleroma, Epicyon, Jejune, Misskey, PeerTube, Pixelfed,
Friendica, etc.?

Or do you know  if it works with some of them?

I ask because I finally manged to retire my Mastodon servers. It took
over a year to kick everyone off of them gracefully lol. I don't care an
awful lot for Mastodon (Yet do maintain a couple of accounts on a couple
of Mastodon servers). The whole premise of Twitter's original 160 chars
(Now Mastodon's default 500 char limit) just doesn't work for me and all
of the clients splitting long posts across several different 'toots'
makes it even worse.

Other ActivityPub servers enable actual Tuts, HowTos, Blogs and
Articles, etc., something Mastodon is not well suited, nor intended for.
As such, if one doesn't mind that resources it requires it's fine.

But a tool such as yours sounds awesome if it supports ActivityPub
servers in General, especially Epicyon, Misskey, and Pleroma. The others
would be a huge bonus, and fantastic news, but to me, Mastodon alone
really isn't the niche platform I'm looking to support in .gmi files.

Great work though, and your demo looks pretty awesome?

If it doesn't support Fediverse ActivityPub in general, or at least some
of the one's I've mentioned above, and you're not adverse to working
toward bringing that support, I can open an issue on your Gitea server
is you like and work diligently with you to bring such functionality :)

Again, I think MastoGem is a fantastic accomplishment!

Kindest regards,

Bradley D. Thornton
Manager Network Services
TEL: +1.310.421.8268

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