[ANN] Release 1.0 of MastoGem

Bradley D. Thornton Bradley at NorthTech.US
Fri Mar 5 18:02:01 GMT 2021

On 3/5/2021 9:43 AM, Bradley D. Thornton wrote:
> On 3/5/2021 2:00 AM, Romain de Laage wrote:
>> Hi geminauts,
>> Today i would like to announce the first true release of MastoGem.
>> As I announced before you can view the last toots from a Mastodon
>> profile, but you can also search for a tag, view a thread and view the
>> mentions and the tag of a toot.
>> I have made a docker image to make the deployment easier and if you want
>> help to deploy your own instance of MastoGem I can help you.
>> The software works fine and respect Gemini specs (I hope).
>> All the information about MastoGem is now here :
>> gemini://rdelaage.ovh/mastogem/
>> Romain.
> So.... This only works with Mastodon, and Not ActivityPub servers in the
> Fediverse such as Pleroma, Epicyon, Jejune, Misskey, PeerTube, Pixelfed,
> Friendica, etc.?
> Or do you know  if it works with some of them?
> I ask because I finally manged to retire my Mastodon servers. It took
> over a year to kick everyone off of them gracefully lol. I don't care an
> awful lot for Mastodon (Yet do maintain a couple of accounts on a couple
> of Mastodon servers). The whole premise of Twitter's original 160 chars
> (Now Mastodon's default 500 char limit) just doesn't work for me and all
> of the clients splitting long posts across several different 'toots'
> makes it even worse.
> Other ActivityPub servers enable actual Tuts, HowTos, Blogs and
> Articles, etc., something Mastodon is not well suited, nor intended for.
> As such, if one doesn't mind that resources it requires it's fine.
> But a tool such as yours sounds awesome if it supports ActivityPub
> servers in General, especially Epicyon, Misskey, and Pleroma. The others
> would be a huge bonus, and fantastic news, but to me, Mastodon alone
> really isn't the niche platform I'm looking to support in .gmi files.
> Great work though, and your demo looks pretty awesome?
> If it doesn't support Fediverse ActivityPub in general, or at least some
> of the one's I've mentioned above, and you're not adverse to working
> toward bringing that support, I can open an issue on your Gitea server
> is you like and work diligently with you to bring such functionality :)
> Again, I think MastoGem is a fantastic accomplishment!
> Kindest regards,

um... I think I spoke a little too soon. Just searching on a tag on the
prod server pulled in several posts of mine from a Pleroma server,
faster, and more efficiently than any search on a Mastodon or Pleroma
server ever would. I'm extremely, thoroughly impressed. This is really
good shit!

Example: gemini://mastogem.picasoft.net/tag?vger

I'mma sold on Mastogem already :) What a great way to author Gemlogs!

And the best part is, as a proxy, it pulls from HTTP space *into* Gemini
space, and not the other way around, which strips bloat and presents the
content itself as text/gemini.

Yah, this is fricken' awesome!


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