[ANN] Release 1.0 of MastoGem

Romain de Laage romain.delaage at rdelaage.ovh
Fri Mar 5 19:13:29 GMT 2021

> So.... This only works with Mastodon, and Not ActivityPub servers in the
> Fediverse such as Pleroma, Epicyon, Jejune, Misskey, PeerTube, Pixelfed,
> Friendica, etc.?

It was originally designed to be a mirror of a Mastodon account so to make things easier I only use the Mastodon API. So it only works with Mastodon content.
We can view some content from other services like PeerTube (an example here : gemini://mastogem.picasoft.net/profile/374759) if the instance is federated with the Mastodon instance used for MastoGem but it is only the content shown in Mastodon (not the video or the blog post).

> If it doesn't support Fediverse ActivityPub in general, or at least some
> of the one's I've mentioned above, and you're not adverse to working
> toward bringing that support, I can open an issue on your Gitea server
> is you like and work diligently with you to bring such functionality :)

I will not have a lot of time to spend in this functionality until July but it is a great idea.

Thank you very much for this feedback

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