It's all in a name

lel lel at
Fri Mar 5 20:13:06 GMT 2021

On Fri, Mar 05, 2021 at 02:50:03PM -0500, Chris McGee wrote:
> there's a bit of a naming collision when trying to discuss it with the
> outside world. Go had a similar issue, but then a convention developed with
> the term golang so that people could find things about it instead of the
> ancient board game.

I think for the most part people say Gemini protocol if they need to
disambiguate the protocol from the rocket from the Zodiac sign.

I don't think there's a name collision there unless there's another Gemini
protocol out there somewhere, but if there is we appear to have kicked its ass
because a Google search for Gemini protocol brings me to all the right stuff
(which feels like a miracle -- this project has come so far in these two short
years) which still isn't the case when you're looking for Go documentation, so
I think we're probably fine.


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