[ANNOUNCE] [META] Mailing List Moderation Update

Jason McBrayer jmcbray at carcosa.net
Sat Mar 6 16:27:26 GMT 2021

Hello! It's your friendly neighborhood list owner here, with some
updates about how we are handling list moderation. There have been a lot
of people complaining about the volume of posts on the list and the low
quality of discussions, and I'm going to do some things to help with

# Topics

A reminder! This list has topics. You are *strongly* encouraged to go to
your user options page at https://lists.orbitalfox.eu/listinfo/gemini
and select the topics you wish to subscribe to, and tick the box saying
you do *not* want to see messages with no topic. This will help cut down
on the volume of messages you see, and keep them relevant to your

You should also always use a topic when posting a new thread. As a
reminder, the topics are [announce], [users], [tech], and [spec]. The
intended content for each is as follows:

[announce]: Official and important announcements about the project of
wide interest. Please don't post to this topic if you are not a list

[users]: Discussion relevant to "end users" of Gemini, e.g. announcement
of new capsules and services (e.g. search), hosting providers, clients,
etc. General Gemini discussion and advocacy. Excessively technical
discussion discouraged.

[tech]: Technical discussion of Gemini as currently specced, e.g.
questions about client/server implementation, application development,
announcement of new libraries and other developer-focussed software.

[spec]: Discussion about finalising the protocol specification, and
formal standardisation efforts. You should *not* subscribe to [spec]
unless you really do intend to engage productively in the finalization
process of the specification.

Topics can be included, with the brackets, either in the subject line,
or anywhere in the first five lines of the message.

# User Moderation

When I get complaints about a particular user lowering the quality of
discussion on the list, I may, at my discretion, set the "moderated"
flag on them, which means I have to manually choose whether to approve
or reject their message. My moderation decisions will be capricious and
arbitrary, and mostly based on whether I feel that particular message is

If someone is actually being abusive or making personal attacks or
harassing someone on the list, I will unsubscribe them, but you're also
encouraged to killfile them.

# Non-subscriber Posting

Currently, non-subscriber posts are held for moderation. I've been
approving basically everything that is on-topic and not spam. This is
going to change. Now, non-subscriber postings will only be approved:

1. If they are announcements in [users] or [tech]. That is,
   announcements of new capsules, new services, or new software.
2. If they are an on-topic, closed-ended question for group members,
   especially in [tech].

Non-subscriber replies in existing threads *will not be approved*. If
you want to participate in discussion, you should subscribe to the
mailing list. If it is too noisy for you, limit your subscription to the
topics you want, and don't allow messages without a topic. Consider
changing your subscription to a daily digest if it's still too much and
you can't set up appropriate mail filtering.

# Conclusion

I think that's about it. If there are any questions or complaints,
please mail me directly (off-list). If we need to create a separate
gemini-announce list, that's possible too.

Happy hacking!

Jason McBrayer      | “Strange is the night where black stars rise,
jmcbray at carcosa.net | and strange moons circle through the skies,
                    | but stranger still is lost Carcosa.”
                    | ― Robert W. Chambers,The King in Yellow

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