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Tue Mar 9 07:54:00 GMT 2021

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> Firstly, most Gemini documents are (intentionally) pretty tiny,
> fitting within maybe 1 or 2 KB.


50% of the Gemtext resources are 1,099 bytes or less

> Length-analysis prevention is not Gemini's job, it's the job of TLS.

TLS cannot do it alone, and this is why it is opt-in. Padding without
knowledge of the application is dangerous.

> In conclusion, it's not Gemini's responsibility to handle these kinds of
> attacks.

I disagree.

> Some have suggested Gemini over TOR as a solution to prevent the
> more invasive attacks, but I haven't seen much development on that
> front.

Gemini already works over Tor.

1) You can use a "torified" client or simply run an unmodified client
with a wrapper like torify. Note that many exit nodes connect only to
80 and 443 which may be a problem (less exit nodes => less anonymity).

2) You can easily configure a capsule to run under .onion

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