[users] [ANN] rawnix.org - gemini and git hosting

fab fab at rawnix.org
Wed Mar 10 20:44:00 GMT 2021


I want to announce that I now additionally host git repositories on
a gitea instance besides gemini hosting on my server at rawnix.org.

I also create forwarding email addresses in the form <user>@rawnix.org. 

And I'm planning to set up an XMPP server for users, too.  There are a 
few other things and services I'll maybe provide.  More on that on my 
gemini site.

The gemini sites are also accessible through the kineto gemini2web
proxy at https://rawnix.org/ .

Everyone interested can contact me per email.  You may have to wait a
little for an answer.  Please don't get impatient.

* gemini://rawnix.org/
* gemini://rawnix.org/gemini-space.gmi

best wishes,

Fediverse:  @fab at fosstodon.org
WWW:        https://rawnix.org/~fab/
Gemini:     gemini://rawnix.org/~fab/
Keyoxide:   https://keyoxide.org/fab@rawnix.org

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