[users] Gemini as a local note-taking / personal wiki thing?

Sgaith Sgiath at pm.me
Thu Mar 11 09:29:20 GMT 2021

> > Has anybody tried anything like that? And if so, any tips?
> I've been doing that for years. I'm using Zim-wiki, which works like
> a local wiki. Of course, it doesn't (yet) use the Gemini syntax and

I love Roam Research https://roamresearch.com/ - it is life changer for me but sadly it is not compatible with Gemini since the core functionality requires inline-links.

> I would like a kind of local browser. It would browse directories a
> display the Gemini pages like a browser. An editing option would be a
> must :-)

Honestly I would rather use Vim with plugin for that https://github.com/samgriesemer/vim-roam

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