[spec] Using a gitlab (Was: Regarding the proposal to remove status code 11

nothien at uber.space nothien at uber.space
Sun Mar 14 10:51:47 GMT 2021

Stephane Bortzmeyer <stephane at sources.org> wrote:
> Regarding Gitlab, there is not yet (I regret it) a well-known and
> widely used decentralized issue tracking system allowing not to have
> an account of the central system. (There are many experiments, but
> nothing solid yet.) So, it had to be a centralized system. We may
> discuss about gitlab vs. gitea and about one given gitlab hoster
> vs. another one but I regard this as details.

SourceHut[1]'s todo tracker [2] satisfies this exactly, allowing
anonymous users (identified simply by their e-mail) to comment on
issues, with fine-grained permission control available.  Repositories,
mailing lists, and issue trackers work independently, can be tied
together using integrations, and can be housed under a single name using
projects.  It's probably too late to migrate to it from GitLab, but I
suggest you at least take a look and experiment a bit.  It's completely
free and open-source software, and anybody can host their own instance.

[1]: https://sourcehut.org
[2]: https://todo.sr.ht

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