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Sun Mar 14 16:27:22 GMT 2021

On Sun, 14 Mar 2021 16:18:13 +0100, PJ vM wrote:
>> SourceHut[1]'s todo tracker [2] satisfies this exactly, allowing
>> anonymous users (identified simply by their e-mail) to comment on
>> issues, with fine-grained permission control available. 
> Also, everything seems to work without javascript, quite unlike the
> javascript-heavy Gitlab webpages. Taken together with the ability to
> comment on issues via email and to apparently also follow issues via
> email, this seems like a much better fit for the Gemini project.

Big fan of Wikis here, thus I think another alternative could be 
Wikiversity (a project of the "not-for-profit corporation" Wikimedia):

No accounts needed, though encouraged (IP stated otherwise). Accounts 
offer individual Atom feeds, covering recent changes of watched (starred) 
pages and discussions. No email address is needed to create an account.

The Gemini specification could be published and edited there as well, 
with unwanted edits easily reverted, as these should be concluded upon 
via discussions first, probably.

Discussions to specific topics, e. g. response codes, could be sections 
in the Discuss tab to the Specification article or even own discussion 
pages in case the topic is covered by its own (sub-)article.

The URL could be https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Gemini/Specification

Sorry to bring this up only at a moment where Gitlab already files 20 
Protocol and 7 Gemini text issues with ongoing discussions, and users 
already having created Gitlab accounts.

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