[spec] Using a gitlab

PJ vM pjvm742 at disroot.org
Sun Mar 14 17:29:57 GMT 2021

On 14/03/2021 17:27, text at sdfeu.org wrote:
> Big fan of Wikis here, thus I think another alternative could be 
> Wikiversity (a project of the "not-for-profit corporation" 
> Wikimedia):
> [...]
> The Gemini specification could be published and edited there as
> well, with unwanted edits easily reverted, as these should be
> concluded upon via discussions first, probably.
> Discussions to specific topics, e. g. response codes, could be 
> sections in the Discuss tab to the Specification article or even own 
> discussion pages in case the topic is covered by its own 
> (sub-)article.

According to [1], Wikiversity is intended for *learning resources*,
specifically learning resources different from what Wikipedia and
Wikibooks offer.

I fear that if we were to try to use it as a platform to develop the
Gemini specification, rather than just learning materials around Gemini,
Wikiversity editors would not accept this. If one were to create such
pages on Wikiversity, they would probably be quickly removed using
Wikiversity's speedy deletion guideline [2]; the very first criterion
listed for speedy deletion is "No educational objectives".

[1] https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Wikiversity:Mission
[2] https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Wikiversity:Deletions


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