[spec] Using a gitlab

nothien at uber.space nothien at uber.space
Sun Mar 14 18:37:56 GMT 2021

Stephane Bortzmeyer <stephane at sources.org> wrote:
> From their page: "Sourcehut is currently available as a public alpha."
> It all depends on whether we want to work on the specification, or if
> we want to help test/develop SourceHut.

That's a really aggressive outlook.  SourceHut has a great track record.
In fact, check out GitLab's status page [0], look through the incident
history, and compare that with that of SourceHut [1].  SourceHut,
although technically in alpha, is extremely reliable and has multiple
layers of redundancy [2], and has a complete public operations manual
[3] documenting how carefully the instance is maintained.  I suggest you
check it out before making rash assumptions like this.

> Installation instructions are quite scary
> <https://man.sr.ht/installation.md>.

It's not great, I agree, but you don't have to set up one - just use
<https://sr.ht>.  As I've explained above, it's extremely

[0]: https://status.gitlab.com
[1]: https://status.sr.ht
[2]: https://man.sr.ht/ops/backups.md
[3]: https://man.sr.ht/ops

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