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Mon Mar 15 01:28:15 GMT 2021

On Sun, Mar 14, 2021 at 4:46 PM Sean Conner <sean at conman.org> wrote:

> It was thus said that the Great Liam once stated:
> > I did find the GitLab move strange. IMO it's not very "mission coherent"
> to
> > develop a lightweight alternative to the web on a site that shows a
> blank
> > white page without JavaScript enabled.
>   First off, as Stéphane has pointed out, people (and it was many people,
> by
> the way) were complaining about all the talk on the mailing list.  The
> mailing list was created *to talk about the Gemini protocol* and to hash
> the
> details out.  Perhaps that wasn't stated strongly enough on the sign up
> page, but I do have to wonder what other people expectd out the list.
> Personally, I never found the volumn overwhelming, but then again, I've
> been
> on lists that have had 100+ messages per day, sustained (and a person high
> of 500 messages in a single day).


>   I completely disagree with participation without an account.  I'm sorry,
> but my experience with Gemini has shown that it's all too easy to bitch
> about it than to do anything about it.  That IRI thing?  As far as I know,
> only *two* people (and I'm one of them) actually bothered implementing IRI
> support, just to see how difficult it was.  TWO!  There are way more than
> TWO people who demand IRIs, and about an equal number who decry IRIs, and
> out of this lot, only TWO people bothered to try, and right now, between
> those two peple, 50% are ready to dump the idea into the dumpster fire out
> back (for the record, I'm that 50%), because the two camps are mostly
> talking about theory.  Anyway, to get back onto the point---if you want to
> bitch about Gemini, I think it's fair to have some skin, however minimal,
> in
> the game.  If setting up an account is too much, tough!


>   You don't need an account to follow the gitlab issues.  You just can't
> comment on them without an account.
>   -spc

I *think* I implemented/tested/tried the IRI thing and I'm thinking that
I'm not in the group-size-two that you referred to.

The sentence I just wrote is *not* my point - I'm totally cool with the
above (what I and you and others wrote/expressed) - my point is... I was

If I *thought* I tried out the IRI thing, but wanted to check, where would
I go? What would I test? How would I 'certify'?

If I wanted to be a part of the discussion in a
trying-to-implement-this-new-experiment way, what should I do?

I'm guessing that maybe an email to the list or a comment on a gitlab issue
to the effect of: "I think this is what it means to test out the IRI thing.
I think I did it, you can try out my implementation like this..."

That feels... good to me...

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