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On Sun, Mar 14, 2021 at 8:10 PM Sean Conner <sean at conman.org> wrote:

> It was thus said that the Great Mansfield once stated:
> >
> > I *think* I implemented/tested/tried the IRI thing and I'm thinking that
> > I'm not in the group-size-two that you referred to.
>   First off, I want to thank you if you have implemented IDNs (no matter
> how
> good or bad---just the fact that you did is wonderful).  Second, you are
> right, you are the third (if I recall correctly, not many people mentioned
> it) to do so.

You're welcome!

I kinda wish we or I could be more organized around what experiments
everyone is running so that we could swarm several implementations on any
that others liked or disliked. IMO that could be an advantage of something
like gitlab - label issues as 'experiments' and look for
implementations/tests/urls/etc on the issues. Maybe I'll throw up some of
my experiments as issues in gitlab...

FWIW - I *really* like the "implement your idea in code and then let's
talk" approach, since Gemini is soo stinking simple to get a foot in the
door on.

> The sentence I just wrote is *not* my point - I'm totally cool with the
> > above (what I and you and others wrote/expressed) - my point is... I was
> > thinking...
> >
> > If I *thought* I tried out the IRI thing, but wanted to check, where
> would
> > I go? What would I test? How would I 'certify'?
> >
> > If I wanted to be a part of the discussion in a
> > trying-to-implement-this-new-experiment way, what should I do?
>   A great question, and fortunately, there is an answer, at least for
> clients:  try fetching the following IRI:
>         gemini://café.mozz.us/files/ <http://xn--caf-dma.mozz.us/files/>
> 𝒻𝒶𝓃𝒸𝓎.txt

Seemed to work fine. I ran my client from the CLI with that host/path as
the destination and it seemed to work. Then I used the in-client method of
editing/setting the destination and pasted that host/path and it returned
the same result - not that *going* there would have been any different, but
that I wanted to make sure that editing the location in the client
supported what the CLI had supported.

Thanks to mozz.us for providing that - it felt good to run a test that
wasn't something I had contrived!

> Not my site, but the size of the other person who bothered to experiment
> with this stuff.  And as for details, it would be nice to know:
>         operating system
>         implementation language
>         possible libraries in use
> and if it works, what you had to do in order to get it to work.

# OS
Linux... I can try it on a windows machine later, but I'm guessing it might
work the same depending on which windows cli I use. (Using the wrong cli in
windows, it'll probably fail... but who knows until it's tried?)

# Lang

# Libraries
... net and net/url of course... and golang.org/x/net/idna ... and... that
*might* be it? It's been a while since I wrote that code so my memory is
fuzzy. I could go digging more if it mattered.

# What I had to do
...not much if I recall. It involves
`idna.Lookup.ToASCII(dstURL.Hostname())` (after a check on the hostname not
being an IP addr) and then use the resulting hostname in the Dial call. As
for the path, I *think* all I did was ref EscapedPath kinda like this:
https://play.golang.org/p/Uo9XKe4JQLZ (click 'run' to see the escaped path).

Again, there could be more in the code that I'm not pulling out in the
quick glance back over what I wrote a while ago.

... you know... I'm starting to remember that there was some really
annoying corner in the implementation... but my fuzzy memory says that it
was with how I had organized my code - not with the key implementation

> > I'm guessing that maybe an email to the list or a comment on a gitlab
> issue
> > to the effect of: "I think this is what it means to test out the IRI
> thing.
> > I think I did it, you can try out my implementation like this..."
> >
> > That feels... good to me...
>   There is an issue with how I think it should work:
>         https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification/protocol/-/issues/1

Ahh... cool. The URL from above is in that ticket.

Humm... so I'm not sure I'm following the discussion. Maybe some of it
references the fact that I used the idna lib on the hostname instead of
something in the golang std lib?

Interesting points about the certs. I'll have to go check what happened in
my server cert setup with the emoji subdomain I used in some testing...

Also - for the list of should's and should not's that that issue
provides... now I'm curious to find out if I'm fully compliant. I'm
thinking that my server and client *are*, but... maybe there's some sharp
corner I'm not great with. My thoughts are drawn back to wondering what
test methods could be used to 'certify compliance' with the spec. Seems
like that URL is a great start... maybe the only other test is "that a
server correctly respond when the domain and some part of the path contains
unicode"... is that really all this boils down to?? I feel like I'm missing
something. Maybe I'll add some specific questions in that gitlab issue so
that I can make sure I'm on the right page.

> but I've been told that no, what I wrote is *wrong*, but as of yet, no one
> has given a concrete approach for clients to follow to get this to work.
> That's what pisses me off about this---I wrote what worked for me, but it's
> wrong [1], but no one has told me how to go about doing it right, and I'm
> very close to closing the ticket with prejudice [2], with the only way to
> get IRIs back on the table is to convince Solderpunk, the BDFL (I'm only
> the
> BDFLA, the Benevolent Dictator For Life's Assistant).  So the more concrete
> information I get for OR against it, the better.
>   -spc
> [1]     Mostly about resolving IDNs.

Well... specifically for resolving IDNs... my memory (again, fuzzy as it
is) is that I wasn't able to Dial a tcp conn without punycoding the
hostname. Again, the implementation detail for that is that it's a single
call to a library in golang. (Now, some might want to point out that the
'x' in the above URL for the idna library means 'experimental'... but..
that moniker, IMO, doesn't hold across all the golang libs in 'x'... and
the code is there to look at if any feel it's lacking.)

As for setting up DNS using the emoji subdomain in my testing... my
registrar converted it to punycode without consulting me ;-) ... and I took
that to mean that that was the way it had to be done.

[2]     An American legal term meaning---when a legal case is dismissed with
>         prejudice, the case is closed, and there is NO means of appeal.
>         It's not used often, and when it does happen, it means the judge
> was
>         royally pissed off.
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