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ew.gemini ew.gemini at nassur.net
Mon Mar 15 17:24:39 GMT 2021

Hello all,

Sean Conner <sean at conman.org> writes:

> It was thus said that the Great Liam once stated:
>> I did find the GitLab move strange. IMO it's not very "mission coherent" to 
>> develop a lightweight alternative to the web on a site that shows a blank 
>> white page without JavaScript enabled.


>   I'm the one responsible for setting up the gitlab issue tracker for
> Gemini.  It was suggested I set one up using gitlab (and no, I won't say who
> made the suggestion).  I knew that github was off the table for this crowd,
> so I bit the bullet, created a gitlab account and went to town.  I was not
> familiar with the other alternatives at the time, and people were *massively
> bitching* about the volume on the mailing list.

Thanks Sean, for all the effort you put into this.

Everyone else please note, the one, who does the "driving" (or
the work), is the one, who decides.


Keep it simple!
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