[ANN] beepboop.systems

randomuser at tilde.club randomuser at tilde.club
Wed Mar 17 06:47:12 GMT 2021

hi there,

not-too-recently, i setup beepboop.systems with http, gopher,
and gemini access. i hope to experiment with search engines
and statistics on gemini with beepboop.systems.

beepboop.systems runs gmnisrv as the server daemon. should one
want to report downtime or glitches, my email locally is
rndusr at beepboop.systems. if that's down, you should probably
use this email i'm sending this from now.

anyway, i think this protocol is very cool and i'm glad to be
a part of the community here.

randomuser | randomuser at tilde.club | tilde.club/~randomuser

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