[users] [ANN] Moonlander, the fancy graphical Linux client, is back (as an alpha version!)

Ecmel Berk Canlıer me at ecmelberk.com
Sat Mar 20 20:30:55 GMT 2021

Hello, citizens of the Gemini mailing list!

Back in May 19, I announced Moonlander here:

Unfortunately, that didn't last long. As quickly as it came, it went
away into the land of "broken, unmaintained pile of FOSS".

Today, I bring you, Moonlander! Well, a rewrite using the same name, but
hey, the only thing that matters is how fancy it looks, right?

Moonlander (then: "The fanciest Gemini client in the entire solar
system.", now: "Just another 'fancy' Gemini client") is a graphical
Gemini client, developed using Rust and GTK 3, to use under Linux.

(Nobody is stopping you from trying building on Windows. It'll probably
work if one cared enough to set everything up properly.)

Moonlander's main features (so far) include:

- GTK based GUI attempting to look native to GNOME-like desktops
- Fancy Gemtext rendering with an overcomplicated theming system
- Collapsing pre-formatted text into alt text
- Tabs
- URL bar search
- A bookmarks bar

And the broken or known missing stuff include:

- Inputs (1x codes) and client certificates (6x codes)
- A lot of other stuff. Check the README as it will be better updated than
this message.

If you think this deal is worth it, call now for a download of only $0.00

If you still aren't convinced, here is a screenshot:

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