[users] [ANN] Moonlander, the fancy graphical Linux client, is back (as an alpha version!)

Devin Prater r.d.t.prater at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 05:52:33 GMT 2021

So, you saw this coming, right? The dreaded accessibility check!

* The text of the page cannot be read by arrow keys. the keys move throughout the text, but Orca doesn't read it.
* The "tab overview" button is unlabeled.
* ... How do I get to the settings?

Other than that, I can access the back/forward/refresh buttons, and when new pages load, Ocra announces the title bar state change, which is really great.

On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 11:30:55PM +0300, Ecmel berk canlıer wrote:
>Hello, citizens of the Gemini mailing list!
>Back in May 19, I announced Moonlander here:
>    https://lists.orbitalfox.eu/archives/gemini/2020/000870.html
>Unfortunately, that didn't last long. As quickly as it came, it went
>away into the land of "broken, unmaintained pile of FOSS".
>Today, I bring you, Moonlander! Well, a rewrite using the same name, but
>hey, the only thing that matters is how fancy it looks, right?
>Moonlander (then: "The fanciest Gemini client in the entire solar
>system.", now: "Just another 'fancy' Gemini client") is a graphical
>Gemini client, developed using Rust and GTK 3, to use under Linux.
>(Nobody is stopping you from trying building on Windows. It'll probably
>work if one cared enough to set everything up properly.)
>Moonlander's main features (so far) include:
>- GTK based GUI attempting to look native to GNOME-like desktops
>- Fancy Gemtext rendering with an overcomplicated theming system
>- Collapsing pre-formatted text into alt text
>- Tabs
>- URL bar search
>- A bookmarks bar
>And the broken or known missing stuff include:
>- Inputs (1x codes) and client certificates (6x codes)
>- A lot of other stuff. Check the README as it will be better updated than
>this message.
>If you think this deal is worth it, call now for a download of only $0.00
>    https://sr.ht/~admicos/moonlander
>If you still aren't convinced, here is a screenshot:
>    gemini://ebc.li/images/moonlander-is-back/moonlander.png
>    https://ecmelberk.com/images/moonlander-is-back/moonlander.png

Devin Prater
r.d.t.prater at gmail.com
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