CGI programs and the gemini protocol

Hugo Wetterberg hugo at
Mon Mar 22 07:51:41 GMT 2021

It's underspecified in the way that it breaks from what's the common
expectations of how query components work without being explicitly clear
on the fact that it does so. I'm onboard with that it might be formally
correct, but when I read the spec that was one that confused me.

On Sat, 2021-03-20 at 01:46 +0100, Philip Linde wrote:
> I don't see how it's how it's underspecified. In particular, I don't
> see why anyone should assume &-separated values. The spec refers to
> IETF RFC 3986, which doesn't at all concern how to encode multiple
> values. It simple describes the query as a segment of a URI starting
> with a "?" and ending with the end of the URI or a fragment marker
> "#".
> The spec makes it clear that the input should be included as a query
> component. There can only be one RFC 3986 query component. Possibly
> calling it *the* query component instead would be a useful
> clarification for people who are not so familiar with RFC 3986.
> If a server wants to produce a e.g. a form with multiple input
> queries, accumulating a form state throughout, they can encode the
> state of the completed parts of the form in the path segment and serve
> a redirect after each input.
> If this is a new feature that people want, I think it should be
> discussed as such. To say that it's underspecified is however just
> wishful thinking.
> --
> Philip

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