Will Gemini ever become a standardized protocol?

nervuri nervuri at disroot.org
Sat Mar 27 14:49:27 GMT 2021

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021, Rohan Kumar wrote:
>On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 08:41:16AM +0100, almaember wrote:
>>Either way, even if we can't get in cURL right now, a C based Gemini
>>library would be really important
>Good news: this exists! Building https://sr.ht/~sircmpwn/gmni will build
>the libgmni library, is linked into the gmni (cURL-like) and gmnlm
>clients.  All three are in the same repo.

Note that gmni recently switched to BearSSL, which does not support TLS
1.3.  I'll repeat what I wrote on the spec issue tracker:

OpenSSL, LibreSSL, GnuTLS, wolfSSL and BoringSSL all support TLS 1.3.
BearSSL is the only TLS library I know of which doesn't.  TLS 1.3 is on
its roadmap [1], but the last BearSSL release was in August 2018 and the
project has been less and less active [2] since.

[1] https://bearssl.org/tls13.html
[2] https://bearssl.org/gitweb/?p=BearSSL;a=summary

Phasing out TLS 1.2 is one of the Gemini project's aspirations, as
stated in the spec:

> TLS 1.2 is reluctantly permitted for now to avoid drastically reducing
> the range of available implementation libraries.  Hopefully TLS 1.3 or
> higher can be specced in the near future.  Clients who wish to be
> "ahead of the curve MAY refuse to connect to servers using TLS version
> 1.2 or lower.

Client developers can use gemini://egsam13.glv.one/ to test TLS 1.3

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