.onion capsules?

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Sat Mar 27 18:45:08 GMT 2021

On Sat, 27 Mar 2021 10:22:49 -0700
Rohan Kumar <seirdy at seirdy.one> wrote:

> This is interesting; do you have any more information about this, or 
> know of any sites that do so already?  

I don't think any sites doing this exist. This was merely a theoretical

> I'm not sure this is a good idea, since the decision to use the
> hidden service should be made by the user agent rather than the
> server IMO. A user on the Tor network might have a reason to visit
> the clearnet site.  

I'm not exactly sure, what would be their reason to visit the clearnet
site? But I do understand that it should be the client's responsibility
to decide whether it wants the hidden service or not.

> I like the .well-known idea, but that'd mean making an additional 
> request on the client side. Headers remove this need, but relying on 
> headers for anything besides information necessary to present the 
> attached document (e.g. mimetype, lang) is probably frowned upon for 
> good reason.  

Perhaps we could add a new response code to Gemini, an optional
redirect of sorts. For example, the client requests
gemini://capsule-one.com, and the META would look something like this:

	gemini://capsule-two.com text/gemini

This would specify an alternative location that serves the same
content. The client can then do whatever it feels like doing with it.
This would work with .onion redirects, but also simple mirror sites.

That's all I can think of right now.

P.S. I'm sending this again because last time for some reason it didn't
go to the mailing list (read: I forgot to also send it to the list


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