[tech]: looking for cgi help/documentation/faq or similar

mingmengtou at use.startmail.com mingmengtou at use.startmail.com
Thu Apr 1 18:36:16 BST 2021


Thank you for your help.

> There are some difference on how Gemini servers implements CGI.
> Usually[0] they just execute your script with a bunch of environment
> variable set, and expect you to handle the transaction.  For instance, a
> simple "hello world"-tier script could be:
> 	#!/bin/sh
> 	printf "20 text/gemini\r\n"
> 	echo "# Hello Gemini"

I can see that this would work. 

> but check the documentation of your server of choice (and also the
> protocol specification.)
> Cheers, 
> Omar Polo

I didn't notice that agate was static only - but problem solved: know the format and to check server.

> [0]: At least with gmid, GLV-1.12556 and (to some extent) vger; don't
>      know what other servers do.

I'm probably going to go with GLV

Thanks Neil

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