[ANN] New capsule and Reddit proxy service

Alex // nytpu alex at nytpu.com
Sun Apr 4 21:02:28 BST 2021

On 2021-04-04 07:48PM, Alan wrote:
> Hi! I have set up a new Gemini capsule at gemini://gemini.bunburya.eu. I
> hope to use it to provide services and share Gemini-related projects in the
> future.
I'm a bit off-topic but I wrote a short response to your first gemlog post:

> I've also set up a proxy service that allows some basic browsing of Reddit
> over the Gemini protocol: gemini://gemini.bunburya.eu/remini.gmi
Pretty neat!  Always nice to have a variety of nice simple reddit interfaces.

> I have one question: is there a general IRC channel for Gemini, or is this
> mailing list the main method of communication?
This is the “official” discussion channel alongside the gitlab repos[0], but
there's also a fairly active irc channel, #gemini on tilde.chat, that is a
pretty entrenched de-facto standard communication channel at this point.


[0]: https://gitlab.com/gemini-specification

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