[ANN] GemiNaut 0.8.11 is released

Luke Emmet luke at marmaladefoo.com
Tue Apr 6 22:36:59 BST 2021

Hi Kevin

Thanks for the feedback. I have a couple of thoughts inline.

> This release made me uninstall the previous version (I skipped on at 
> least one prior release, but I'm now not sure what version I was on), 
> and then required me to install a new version of the .NET runtime from 
> Microsoft. I now get the following error when accessing any site:
>  > Authentication failed, see inner exception.

It sounds like the .NET TLS authentication failed for some reason. 
Strange that you get it on every site, which suggests its not to do with 
any particular server.

> I wonder if this relates to running the bundled exe that does the Gemini 
> fetch? I'm running Windows 7. 

Since 0.8.9, GemiNaut uses as native .NET call to fetch the content, so 
if you skipped a version, you might have just come across this. I think 
it might be related to your being on Windows 7. I tried it on a couple 
of Win10 machines and it was fine. I don't have any Win7 machines here.

Also 0.8.9 was upgraded to use a more recent .NET runtime, so again, 
this might have just come up now if you skipped the previous version.

> There was no prompt that a restart was 
> needed, and I haven't found anything interesting in the Windows event 
> log (has anyone ever?!).

Not very often! Thanks for checking.

I'll try to do a new build with some more debugging information in it 
and send you a link off-list. Maybe we can get it working on Windows 7. 
For now I created an issue on the repo here:



  - Luke

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