[users] Public Gemini hosting?

Jason McBrayer jmcbray at carcosa.net
Wed Apr 7 20:50:48 BST 2021

Hi. I'm writing up a quick-start guide for Gemini newcomers who don't
have technical backgrounds, and I'm currently working on the section on
publishing on Gemini. Most of the target audience of this guide will
need to use web-based publishing tools like Flounder, Gemlog.Blue, the
Midnight Pub, and so on. But in case anyone is looking for something
between that and self-hosting, I'd like to provide some options.

I know about SourceHut Pages. I'm pretty sure several tildes provide
Gemini hosting for their members, but I haven't looked into them
deeply. Does anyone else know of any other free or paid Gemini hosting

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