[ANN] GemiNaut 0.8.11 is released

Luke Emmet luke at marmaladefoo.com
Thu Apr 8 14:16:23 BST 2021

Hi Devin

Thanks for the feedback, and for previously explaining to us sighted 
people the pitfalls of interacting with Gemini preformatted regions. It 
was based on your analysis and explanation that led me to put this 
improvement in.

I hope more authors will take the time to add a label to their 
preformatted regions and that this becomes "normal practice", 
particularly for ASCII art which seems to be more prevalent in Gemini, 
but can sound pretty bad through a screen reader.

  - Luke

On 07-Apr-2021 17:12, Devin Prater wrote:
> I'm very glad to see the accessibility improvements! Oh wait, have I 
> already said this? If so, sorry. This client was already great, and easy 
> to get started with since it uses a native web engine, but now it's even 
> better, without the need to hear Ascii art and such, and hearing any 
> description instead! Now, when Gemini takes off, and blind folks go 
> looking for a client (most blind people use Windows and iOS), I already 
> can wholeheartedly recommend clients for these platforms!
> Devin Prater
> r.d.t.prater at gmail.com <mailto:r.d.t.prater at gmail.com>
> On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 7:07 AM Luke Emmet <luke at marmaladefoo.com 
> <mailto:luke at marmaladefoo.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Everyone
>     Just a quick note to announce the release of GemiNaut 0.8.11, a user
>     friendly and idiomatic Gemini client for MS Windows.
>     Key new features include:
>     * Client certificates - create and use these to access
>          sites that require them.
>     * Improved support for assistive technologies (e.g.
>          screen readers). Such users can interactively skip over
>          preformatted text regions.
>     Further details and downloads etc are linked from the full release
>     announcement:
>     gemini://gemini.marmaladefoo.com/blog/5-Apr-2021_GemiNaut_v0_8_11_release.gmi
>     <http://gemini.marmaladefoo.com/blog/5-Apr-2021_GemiNaut_v0_8_11_release.gmi>
>        - Luke

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