[users] Noob-friendly solutions for co-writing a gemini site?

Unicorn unicorn at disroot.org
Tue Apr 20 17:16:22 BST 2021


my partner wants to write a site with me. She likes the idea of Gemini 
and the simplicity of its syntax, but is not the kind of person to run 
cli applications like vim and rsync all the time. Which is how I have 
been doing it. She told me she would prefer to use something like the 
Nextcloud inbuilt text editor, though that one uses Markdown 
unfortunately and seems too complex for me to just modify it to work with 
gemtext right now.

So I was wondering, did any of you have similar challenges? What solution 
did you ultimately go with? There are a few pieces to this puzzle, so I 
will just list them individually:

* Easy writing of the text itself with Linux or web-based GUI (syntax 
highlighting is a big plus, fancy rendering of headers or lists etc is 
not necessary because it's already so simple)
* The text should be structured in directories in the exact same way that 
the site ultimately will be
* The whole structure of files should be accessible to both of us, either 
with some server-based solution or with eg. Syncthing keeping the state 
of our computers in sync
* The whole structure of files needs to be regularly uploaded to the 
server that is hosting our site

I would be thankful for any suggestions! I believe finding a practical 
solution for this type of user would be important for more people to 
access gemini as writers. So even if you want to suggest a community 
effort for modifying an existing tool or creating a new one, I am open to 
working on it and hearing your ideas :)


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