[users] Noob-friendly solutions for co-writing a gemini site?

Gary Johnson lambdatronic at disroot.org
Tue Apr 20 18:07:27 BST 2021

Unicorn <unicorn at disroot.org> writes:

> So I was wondering, did any of you have similar challenges? What
> solution did you ultimately go with? There are a few pieces to this
> puzzle, so I will just list them individually:
> * Easy writing of the text itself with Linux or web-based GUI (syntax
>   highlighting is a big plus, fancy rendering of headers or lists etc
>   is not necessary because it's already so simple)

Just let her use any text editor with Gemtext syntax support. I use
Emacs with gemini-mode, which is great and even lets you follow your
links from file to file. I'm sure there are a number of other editors
out there to choose from with a similar kind of plugin.

> * The text should be structured in directories in the exact same way
>   that the site ultimately will be

Use your GUI file manager to make directories and new Gemtext files. I
haven't used one in years, but I'm pretty sure you just need to
right-click in a folder and select New Folder or New Text File each time
you want to create something. All Gemini servers (to my knowledge
anyway) will map URLs to file paths from a specified document root
directory, which should be the toplevel directory containing your
capsule pages.

> * The whole structure of files should be accessible to both of us,
>   either with some server-based solution or with eg. Syncthing keeping
>   the state of our computers in sync

Set up a Nextcloud server on the machine that is running your Gemini
server. Make one of your Nextcloud folders your document root directory
for your capsule.

Install Nextcloud clients on your local computer and your partner's
computer. Create your capsule directories and pages in a folder
automatically synced to your remotely hosted Nextcloud server.

This should ensure that any files that either of you create, edit, or
delete will automatically be shared between you two and published to
your public Gemini capsule with no additional steps.

> * The whole structure of files needs to be regularly uploaded to the
>   server that is hosting our site

See the previous point's comments about automatic publishing. If you
want to manually publish file changes instead, you should be able to
configure your Nextcloud client to only upload file changes when you
manually run it rather than automatically.

Best of luck,

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