[users] Noob-friendly solutions for co-writing a gemini site?

Unicorn unicorn at disroot.org
Tue Apr 20 19:03:15 BST 2021

20 Apr 2021 18:34:46 Omar Polo <op at omarpolo.com>:
> I never did something like this (I usually just use git or rsync to 
> publish) but maybe syncthing[0] is an option too.

Yeah, we have been using syncthing for other purposes, but then there is 
still the question of what would be a simple text editor, optimally with 
syntax highlighting, that she could use.

> Nextcloud could be an option too, but it seems to require more effort. 
> IIRC you can edit also plain text files with the built-in editor, but 
> it won't do syntax highlighting and you have to find a solution for the 
> publishing part.

Unfortunately .gmi is not recognized as plain text :/
I was considering webdav to get the files out, but that also seems 
unnecessarily complicated. I suppose local editing with sync is a better 
idea unless there is a different server-based option thats better.

Thanks for the input though :)


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