The Small Web project

Chris McGowan cmcgowan9990 at
Wed Apr 21 20:40:43 BST 2021

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> As a side question since I just noticed -- why does their smallweb static
> site generator feature a replacement above the fold?  Who is
> their audience?

Owncast is a fediverse replacement for livestreaming (very early alpha
stage). I don't think the static site generator incorporates it, I think
they just make it easier to install beside your blog/site (in case you
want to host a livestream.)

Why a static site generator is responsible for installing/configuring
another separate web application is a bit odd to me, but that's modern
web tooling for you.

I do agree though, the concept that "Your site needs an application to
manage it" that seems to have been incepted into everyone's minds is a
bit ridiculous. Just put some html and css in a folder and point a web
server at it. Save yourself the headache.

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